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Source Code Systems' technical staff is of the highest caliber.  Many have both engineering and computer science degrees.  All have at least some post-graduate education. This superb staff, combined with a corporate culture which encourages exploration, experimentation, continued education, and old-fashioned hard work permits SCS to deliver superior results to our customers.

Source Code Systems is constantly seeking top-notch computer scientists and engineers.   SCS only employs the best of the best.  If you believe you have the superior technical knowledge, work experience, communication skills, professional integrity, and work ethic we seek, we'd like to hear from you.  (Note: members of out technical staff either must have post-graduate education or be willing to pursue same in the immediate future.)  Send a brief ASCII resume (or a link to your web-based resume) to

SCS is currently seeking motivated students for part-time and/or summer employment.  If you are majoring in an engineering or computer science discipline and have a GPA of 3.75 or above (3.5 or above if both in school and employed) please contact us for an on-site interview.

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