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Source Code Systems specializes in real-world, real-time problems of technical or scientific nature.

Real-time Processing
Mission-critical, real-time software requires specific skills and special knowledge. With experience including real-time data collection and presentation for the broadcast industry, real-time process control for the semiconductor industry, and real-time data distribution, monitoring, and display for air traffic controllers, Source Code Systems has what it takes.
Advanced Algorithms
Usually, the person who exclaims, "There has to be a better way!" is absolutely right. In fields ranging from air traffic control, to multi-dimensional indexing, to the sizing of industrial process components, to least-cost routing optimizations, Source Code Systems has delivered.
Distributed Systems
Distributed systems -- distributed in terms of operating systems, functionality, geography, or topography -- offer unique advantages and present unique challenges. Source Code System's staff of developers and engineers has built systems that span computer languages, operating systems, client-server and web interfaces, multiple tiers, databases, network topologies, and continents.
Imaging, Graphics, & Displays
High performance graphics terminal emulators for CAD, real-time weather displays in FAA control towers, real-time video manipulation and overlay for television broadcasters -- Source Code Systems staff has done it.

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