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Imaging, Graphics
& Displays

With new graphics algorithms, multimedia APIs, and even new graphics-oriented instruction sets on CPU chips being introduced every quarter, keeping up with imaging technologies is a challenge.  The scientific/engineering background of SCS's employees permits them to quickly understand and apply the newest image compressions, analysis, and generation algorithms for the benefit of our clients.

WxShell provides M.I.T.'s Lincoln Laboratory and the FAA with a highly interactive, and very highly configurable/programmable multi-window real-time visualization and control graphic workstations.
Way back in 1984, an SCS employee developed one of the first full-featured graphic terminal emulators to run on a general-purpose scientific workstation.
Currently under development, our broadcast  graphics processing system combines the functions of a programmable DVE (digital video effects), programmable CG (character generator), and programmable chroma/luminance keyer in one tightly integrated package that provides superior flexibility and power at a stunningly low price point.
Graphical displays are a part of much of our engineering research and development. From GIS to 4-D visualization techniques, we've done it.
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