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If failure to meet schedules and budgets is any measure, the integration of disparate programs, operating systems, communications networks, and business paradigms to form a functional, efficient, system is among the most difficult of IT challenges. Source Code Systems has designing and building systems that come together on time and on budget and we can give your company that experience too.

WxShell provides M.I.T.'s Lincoln Laboratory and the FAA with a highly interactive, and very highly configurable/programmable multi-window real-time visualization and control graphic workstations.
The TDWR prototype system depended on not only WxShell, but also numerous other data collection, storage, and dissemination programs developed by our employees.
We have provided numerous real-time data collection and distribution processes to the television broadcast industry. Everything from sports scores to severe weather alerts to election returns reach your television through our products.
Koch Industries called upon us to redesign their oil field collections automation systems. We integrated data from GPS receivers, onboard oil sensors, and business information systems to provide improved efficiency in everything from billing accuracy, to drive time minimization, to pipeline capacity management. We even integrated data from a GIS system in order to obtain savings on fuel taxes!
We helped design, build, and deploy a global network computing system for Motorola in the mid '80s.
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