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The power of computers has increased at a breathtaking speed over the past years.
What does that mean to you and your company? It might mean that a computational technique that was impractical 5 years ago is the best approach now. It might mean that your current algorithms need to be adjusted to use more CPU or memory and fewer disk accesses. Source Code Systems does algorithms.

Source Code Systems is currently pursuing advanced algorithms and techniques by which safe and efficient Free Flight may be achieved
Our multi-level indexing technology permits TAPCIS to perform amazingly powerful capabilities on machines with truly minimal resources.
When our antenna control program replaced the antenna builder's, our client added 10% more scans in the same time interval while reducing power requirements and gear wear.
Koch Industries called upon us to redesign their oil field collections automation systems. We integrated data from GPS receivers, onboard oil sensors, and business information systems to provide improved efficiency in everything from billing accuracy, to drive time minimization, to pipeline capacity management. We even integrated data from a GIS system in order to obtain savings on fuel taxes!
We've applied feedback control to microchip oxidation and annealing furnaces. We've cut database load times by 5X. We've optimized chemical plant construction costs. We've developed superior algorithms that outperform competing products by 200X. Whatever you need to do better or faster, we can help. Contact us.

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